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The EFI VUTEk h5 hybrid roll-to-roll/flatbed LED superwide format printer gives Latvian-based printing company PM-TM superior efficiency and quality in eight colours plus white, and an up to nine-layer print capability.

PM-TM purchased its second EFI VUTEk h5 from EFI in less than six months. The recently installed 3.2m wide printer will allow the company to meet customer demand as well as pursue business goals to increase export orders.

With a print resolution of up to 1200dpi, the company’s VUTEk h5 printers also offer X4 Technology, an option to quickly and automatically use the eight ink channels in a faster CMYK x 2 mode capable of producing up to 109 boards per hour. The printer runs with the EFI Fiery proServer digital front end, combining faster RIPing with enhanced colour management and screening features.

‘The VUTEk h5 printers provide fast economic production with exceptional quality,’ said Aleksandrs Gurvics, founder of PM-TM. ‘This is an investment that can fuel a company’s growth by 35-40% per year. The operative costs are relatively low, and the machines are very reliable.’

PM-TM has always invested in top-quality machines and bought its first EFI VUTEk printer – a 2-metre-wide hybrid – through dealer Sesoma in 2014. The success of that purchase led PM-TM to purchase two additional VUTEk printers the next two years. These printers were a turning point for the company, as PM-TM reputation grew and was now able to handle more orders, offer lower prices and meet tight deadlines – all while maintaining a high level of quality. As a result, PM-TM’s team rapidly expanded, and now its production department employs over 60 people. PM-TM now operates with a total of five EFI VUTEk machines.

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