EFI Announces Upgraded Colour Profiles


EFI has announced next generation Fiery Edge profiles available for selected new cut-sheet digital printers, as well as for many wide and superwide-format printers that use EFI Fiery DFEs. Fiery Edge also gives print professionals the ability to define colour-to-black transitions for reduced image peppering, graininess, and smoother transitions, all of which is especially useful in colour-critical market segments such as photobook printing.

The advancements in EFI’s latest version of Fiery Color Profiler Suite is integrated colour management software that gives digital print producers more power to get colour right every time.

Next generation EFI Fiery Edge colour profiling technology launching in the suite delivers out-of-the-box print quality and colour improvements in new Fiery digital front ends (DFEs). Plus, a host of new controls within Fiery Color Profiler Suite tune colour to meet customer preferences, such as features to intelligently boost colour and adjust shadow detail levels.

Users benefit from an increased array of advanced user controls. For example, a key element of the new Fiery Edge technology is the ability to control or manually select a black point that best matches the intent of the item being printed. This maximises the dynamic range of a print when the darkest printable colour is not a neutral black. Users can also control shadow detail levels to best represent a product’s or a subject’s characteristics.

Prior to using Fiery Edge, Himanshu Pandey, owner of New Delhi-based Avantika Printers Pvt. Ltd., was unable to compete in that segment with his current printers. ‘The colours were not vibrant enough and the tonal values were not stable enough,’ according to Pandey. ‘The colour control provided by Fiery Edge technology allowed us to use our printers to print photobooks containing various images of people and places. Fiery Edge literally opened the photo segment for us.’

Users of Fiery Edge colour profiles will notice much smoother colour transitions and blends right out of the box. They will also see more image detail, clarity, and depth. Plus, superior rendering of RGB reds and blues in Fiery Edge technology gives users a more-faithful rendering of RGB images.

‘Fiery Edge colour profiling technology brings all the excellent results and controls to my Fiery cut-sheet printer customers that I’ve been relying on for several years to keep my Fiery wide-format inkjet customers happy,’ said Rob Cawston, owner of Colour Consultancy Ltd. in Nottingham, England. ‘The smoothness of blends and extra image detail are the things that stood out as benefits of Fiery Edge just by using the default profiles and settings.

‘Getting the best colour and quality from any printer should be the goal for all print producers,’ said John Henze, vice president of sales and marketing, EFI Fiery. ‘Whether it is taking advantage of the maximum gamut of a printer to give prints more colour, getting the most detail available to show a product at its best, or producing the smoothest colour transitions for photo-realistic images, these new capabilities will help print producers achieve the best results their print devices are capable of, therefore getting the most from their colour investments.’

Users can produce more colourful, vivid and dynamic-looking output in signage, point of sale, display and other applications because Fiery Edge technology brings the ability to boost colour with Fiery Intensify – a new rendering intent innovation that can increase colour and saturation while maintaining neutral grays and realistic skin tones. The new feature, which is part of Fiery Color Profiler Suite version 5.2, improves colour while at the same time maintaining balanced visual results – a difficult goal to achieve with other rendering solutions available on the market. Not only does this enable precise control of chroma, lightness and contrast levels, it also allows users to select the correct source profile for the best possible use of an output device’s gamut and dynamic range.

Fiery Edge technology also supports up to eight colour channels (CMYK+ 4 extra colours) further enhancing Color Profiler Suite’s ability to get the best possible colour out of any supported Fiery Driven printer, including those with gamut-expanding colourants such as orange, violet, blue, and green inks or toners.

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