EFI Announce New Cretaprint Models For Ceramics Industry

EFI announce new Cretaprint models for ceramics industry.

EFI have announced the upcoming release of two additional fifth generation Cretaprint printers, the new C5 and D5 models.

The upcoming release was announced at Tecnargilla. ‘With the release of the Cretaprint C5 and D5, plus the recently presented M5 printer, EFI is offering the most versatile and reliable range of inkjet printers covering most of the tile sizes manufactured in the ceramic industry,’ said José Luis Ramón Moreno, vice president and general manager, EFI Industrial Printing. ‘The robustness, versatility and operating efficiency of our new fifth generation Cretaprint machines make them the industry’s first ‘Smart Printers for Ceramics,’ because of the unprecedented features they offer to tile producers.’

Features and benefits of these new printers include:

Connectivity: the fifth generation of EFI Cretaprint printers opens up and truly advances Industry 4.0 goals thanks to a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system for printer management along with the new EFI Go mobile app for remote printer monitoring.

Advanced software applications: new software tools improve performance and provide full control of the printer to the end-user for fine-tuning the print process, including nozzle out adjustments and automatic print head alignment.

An improved user experience: the printers’ new user interface has been simplified for more intuitive use. EFI also improved the user experience for more efficient daily operation and to help operators print more consistently at top speeds without stopping.

Fifth generation EFI Cretaprint printers are more reliable and consistent, giving users greater productivity and opportunity in advanced manufacturing operations. The printers’ new print heads offer a high ink discharge and are able to print at higher speeds at high resolutions. The plug-and-play print  head loading features eliminate the need for adjustments. Plus, the printers’ tight ink delivery system offers greater efficiency with superior ink recirculation.

‘In successive generations of Cretaprint ceramic printers, EFI has revealed its design philosophy: advanced software functionality, reduced ink consumption and simplified production cycle. These advantages mean customers can be more cost-effective in their manufacturing and operate more efficiently,’ said Moreno. ‘Our commitment to the ceramic industry is to continue investing in R&D to give our customers new and better technological solutions in one of the world’s most digitised industrial manufacturing industries.’

The new 5.0 family of printers covers printing widths from 710 to 1138mm and can handle up to 12 print head bars for both printing and decorative effects. Along with the unique EFI Fiery® proServer for Cretaprint for image processing and colour management, EFI Cretacolor ceramic inks and Cretaprint customer care service programmes, the complete EFI Cretaprint digital ceramic decoration ecosystem gives tile manufacturers the tools to master the challenges of high productivity while meeting evolving market demands.

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