EasyCut Studio Adds Nesting Feature To Vinyl Cutting Software

EasyCut Studio Adds Nesting Feature To Software

Nesting is the process of placing a design as efficiently as possible to save on production materials. EasyCut Studio has launched a new enhancement to its vinyl cutting software, which now includes true shape nesting. This enhancement tool takes sign making to a new level. 

This new feature enables all users to reduce their material waste on average by 40%. The intuitive and powerful option improves the arrangement of multiple objects per job by rearranging the objects based on their actual shape.

‘Thanks to the latest updates, the newly added nesting feature efficiently nests all objects to save on time and material, and designers can enjoy creating more in less time,’ said Eric Lee, Senior Product Manager for EasyCut Studio. ‘Users will be able to upgrade their Easy Cut Studio to Version 5.026 in order to experience the full range of new Nesting features and improvements. It’s simple, intuitive, fully automatic, and no training is needed.’

In addition to the new nesting feature, this update also includes more than 10 new cutter drivers, several bug fixes, the official support of macOS Sonoma, it is compatible with several new vinyl cutters and there are improvements to the stability and performance of the software, enabling users to design, print and cut more efficiently than ever before.

Easy Cut Studio Release v5.026 includes a host of new features, such as performing the advanced nesting by moving the object, including the rotation. It features support for Windows 11 and macOS 14.2 Sonoma.


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