Easy Cut Studio Announces Cutting Software Upgrade

Easy Cut Studio Announces Cutting Software Upgrade

Easy Cut Studio’s new Version features added support for over five different brands of vinyl cutters including PixMax, Rabbit, SignMax, Summa D Series and Vicsign HP, HL, HW, HWQ, HWF, HS, HSQ, and HSF series. Some of these brands include as many as eight different models of cutter drivers. It is fully compatible with the latest macOS 10.13.6.

It includes full graphic design, full-text manipulation and image tracing features. It also has drivers for over 500 cutter models and unique features to optimise cutting speed and make weeding faster and easier.


– Cut any True Type Font.
– Fast and easy text editor.
– Text on path.
– Node Editing
– Welding tools 
- Image Tracing
– Shadow and Blackout features
– Create colourful graduated fills
– Texture fills.
– Design and cut rhinestone templates
– Layout and special effects for signs.
– Stencil function for bridging interior shapes
– Options to mirror or flip images before cutting
– Customisable presets for materials and blades.
– Registration marks.
– 500 icons ready to cut and print
– Supports contour cutting for Craft machine models.
– Drivers for over 500 plotters/cutters, and growing.

EASY CUT STUDIO www.easycutstudio.com

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