Durst Phototechnik launched the Rho 1012 and 1030 printers and the Variodrop technology for its Rho P10 Series at the 2013 International Sign Association Show in Las Vegas (ISA).

The Rho 1012 is the first 12 picolitre flatbed printer in its class made possible by Durst’s latest Quadro Array printheads. The very small drop size provides unrivalled 1000 DPI print quality while maintaining exceptional productivity of up to 490sqm per hour. The Rho 1012 offers users the ability to meet the quality and volume requirements normally reserved for offset printing but with the media flexibility only possible with digital inkjet printing. 

The Rho 1030 is the fastest fully automated flatbed printer available. It is capable of production speeds of up to 1000sqm per hour without compromising the quality of print. This printing speed and full automation with auto loading and unloading tables makes it ideally suited to incorporation into an industrial production line. Also available are both roll to roll and roll to sheet print options to further enhance the machines’ media flexibility.

Existing Rho 1000 users can upgrade their existing machines to either the Rho 1012 or the Rho 1030 in the field, further maintaining Durst commitment to providing customers with long term solutions to their printing needs.

‘The introduction of the 1012 and 1030 is a natural fit for what we have been hearing from the market,’ said Michael Lackner, Marketing Manager of Durst. ‘The Rho 1000 is a proven high volume wide format digital printer and the capabilities of the two new printers, along with the automation solutions, make this a very strong solution for many of our print partners.’

The benefits of Variodrop are refined greyscale technology, with improved productivity and image quality whilst overcoming some of the errors which can occur with greyscale printing alone. In particular, greyscale relies very strongly on accuracy of drop placement and this can be affected by the uniformity of velocity of drops. Any variations of the printheads’ working conditions could lead to a mismatch of different greyscale level drop velocities and the consequence is drop placement inaccuracy.

Variodrop is an adjustable binary mode which uses multi-pulsing for drop size modulation and is not concerned with possible drop velocity variations associated with greyscale printing. It combines two voltage pulses in such a way that the second pulse pumps precise dosage amounts of ink into the droplet before it detaches from the nozzle plate without forming any satellites. This new printing technology is a major improvement and it surpasses greyscale only applications almost every time.