Durst showcased the new Durst Rho 512R super-wide roll to roll printer with Variodrop technology, Durst Rhotex 322 soft signage inkjet printer, its new inkjet engine for industrial screen printing applications, the Rho P10 160 UV inkjet flatbed printer and new additions to the Rho 1000 Series at FESPA 2013.

The Rho 512R is the latest addition to the Rho 500R Series of super-wide UV roll to roll inkjet printers. It sets the quality standard for high end industrial inkjet productivity, featuring a very small drop size of only 12 picolitres and Variodrop technology.

This is due to Durst’s latest Quadro Array 12M printhead technology. With its very small ink drop size it is capable of printing with unrivalled quality up to 900 dpi and a speed of up to 350sqm per hour. Furthermore, the Rho 512R is designed for printing a wide variety of large format advertising material. It will also print three 1.6m rolls together.

With the high precision of the carriage system, the linear motor drive technology, enhanced Quadro Array technology and a printhead with over 65000 nozzles, it achieves optimum print quality without loss of speed. Unattended printing of large rolls, extremely low production costs and low ink consumption make the Rho 512R one of the most economical printers ever. 

Other features of the Rho 512R include easy and fast media change with minimum media waste. The user friendly operating software includes management functions. The maximised workflow is achieved from simultaneous ripping/transfer and printing of files through additional RIP workstation and hot folders

Finally, the Rho Roll Ink, which includes options for light cyan, light magenta and white, is environmentally friendly. The inks are completely VOC free and accredited with the very stringent Nordic Swan environment certification.

Durst Rhotex 322 soft signage inkjet printer

The Rhotex 322 sets the standard for the digital printing of textile promotional media. It is Durst’s answer to the popularity of this rapidly growing market.

The Rhotex 322 is the most productive soft signage industrial inkjet printer and it is capable of printing up to 140sqm per hour and up to 1200 dpi resolution in six colours. Furthermore, the unrivalled print quality, with a drop size of 7 – 21 picolitres, is not compromised by speed, thanks to the latest Durst Quadro Array level 3 greyscale printhead technology.

The Rhotex 322 offers the highest environmental protection. Polyester fabrics printed with Rhotex water based dispersed dye inks are entirely environmentally friendly, recyclable and disposable. The dyes are harmless to the skin, completely odour free and produce no VOCs. In addition, the dyes, followed by calendaring, also provide bright, vibrant colours.

Durst is the industrial inkjet specialist and the Rhotex is a true industrial level printer, unlike many others used for printing onto polyester fabrics. These either use solvent based inks or are only capable of minimal run lengths.

The extremely high reliability of the machine provides 24/7 operation and unattended printing, whilst its advanced software maximises workflow. The automatic, self-cleaning jet system is also another factor contributing to its capability of continuous industrial printing.

Ideal for printing textiles for use in the home, wall coverings, domestic textiles and interior design, as well as fashion applications, the Rhotex 322 is the ideal solution to digital printing of the widest range of soft signage. 

The Durst Rho IP (Industrial Print) engine is a purpose built inkjet solution for industrial screen and pad printing applications. 

It is a high speed inkjet engine which can be integrated into automated production lines and configured according to the application. The industrial production machine will also provide screen and pad printers with the highest levels of flexibility. This will enable them to profit from short runs, print on demand and just in time production, while being able to print directly onto the widest range of media.

It is ideally suited for the production of membrane switches, instrument panels, dashboards, cover plates (e.g. for washing machines) and small items typical of pad printing applications.

The Rho IP engine offers the highest quality print, including finest text and solid lines and also perfect edge sharpness and registration. For printing on smaller items, templates can be mounted onto the table.  

The modularity of the machine will allow up to 8 ink channels (CMYK, light colors, PCA, white or varnish). There are versions with 2, 4 or 6 printheads per channel. The print engine can be equipped with up to 30 000 nozzles producing a printing speed 22 seconds per table in scanning four colour mode including Variable Data Printing, if required. The innovative vacuum table uses mechanical pin registration and the vacuum is applied through microscopic pores in an aluminium plate.

There are two models. The Rho IP 203 has a table size of DIN A4 Format (210×297 mm) and is perfectly suitable for the production of scale dials. The Rho IP 507 has a table size of 500×700 mm and is perfectly suitable for the membrane switch production. 

The Rho P10 160 UV inkjet flatbed printer

The Rho P10 160 is the most versatile and productive, entry level industrial flatbed with proven P10 quality. It offers unrivalled media flexible both in size and type and productivity, which is the same for rigid and roll material.

As a result of Durst’s latest Quadro Array 10M printhead technology, the P10 160, like all other P10 models, provides unrivalled print quality whilst maintaining the high level of productivity. It is capable of printing up to 68sqm and 1000 dpi. 

The Rho 1000 Series. The most productive UV flatbed printers  

Durst introduces two new additions to the flagship range of UV inkjet printers. The first is the Rho 1012, which sets the quality standard of high end industrial productivity and features a very small drop of only 12 picolitres. The other is the Rho 1030, the fastest, fully automated flatbed printer. 

The Rho 1000 Series has proven itself to be the most productive range of wide format UV inkjet printers on the market, and the 1012 and 1030 further enhance its market leading position.

The Rho 1012

The Rho 1012 is the first 12 picolitre flatbed printer in its class made possible by Durst’s latest Quadro Array 12M printheads. The very small drop size provides unrivalled 1000 DPI print quality whilst maintaining exceptional productivity of up to 490sqm per hour. The Rho 1012 offers users the ability to meet the quality and volume requirements normally reserved for offset printing but with the media flexibility only possible with digital inkjet printing. It is ideal for backlits and close up viewing of POS. It offers different levels of system configuration up to full automation and integration into an industrial production line. 

The Rho 1030

The Rho 1030 is the fastest fully automated flatbed printer available. It is capable of production speeds of up to 1000sqm per hour without compromising the quality of print. This is due to the latest development to Durst’s Quadro Array 30M printhead technology with over 65000 nozzles in the print carriage. This printing speed and full automation with auto loading and unloading tables makes it ideally suited to incorporation into an industrial production line.