Durst showcased its newly launched printers at the FESPA Digital trade show (20-23 May in Munich), including the Durst Rho P10 HS Series, the Durst Rho 312R roll to roll printer and the Rhotex HS.


The new Rho P10 HS Series feature Durst’s Quadro Array 10M printheads with double the number nozzles. They also have LED Pin curing in combination with conventional UV drying. The Pin curing helps to make the faster speed possible by sealing the drops of inks, keeping the quality perfect, whilst the UV curing finalises the drying process.

The P10 Series set a new quality standard for industrial level inkjet printing when it was launched two years ago. That same quality, with a resolution of up to 1000 dpi, is now available from a printer that is capable of printing up to 400sqm/h.

As with all the latest Durst Inkjet printers, the new P10 200/250 HS are the most productive printers in their class. A true hybrid, they will print on both rigid and roll media equally fast and the media change from one to the other is both quick and simple. They also provide unrivalled versatility thanks to their ability to print on the widest range of media including foam board, metal, acrylics and PVC and roll media such as clear film and other backlit material, textiles and vinyls.

The stunning ‘fine art’ print quality of both the existing and new P10 printers provides a level of quality that will allow for close up viewing of a wide range of advertising and corporate promotional material. The very fine tones and the option of additional light colours (light cyan and light magenta) offer perfect colour reproduction. Typically, they are ideal for indoor and outdoor signage, POP material, small to medium sized packaging and backlit luxury goods.

The New P10 200/250 HS also has Durst’s Variodrop technology. Not only does this help with the increased productivity but also provides improved image quality which includes better colour gamut and less banding. Particularly at the highest production speeds, solid areas of colour are free of banding while offering bright vibrant colours.


The Rho 312R is the most productive 3.2 m roll to roll printer in its class. It also offers a new quality standard for industrial backlit or Fine Art printing. The Rho 312R features Durst’s Quadro Array 12M printheads with Variodrop technology and the12 picolitre drop size enables excellent image quality with up to 900 dpi, whilst the Variodrop technology is responsible for the printer’s high productivity. It is capable of printing up to 240sqm/hour in high speed mode and up to 70sqm in 4 pass mode (or 122sqm/h in POP mode). Productivity is further enhanced by the option of being able to print two 1.6 m rolls of media at the same time with individual print queues.

With a print system of over 24,000 nozzles, there is no compromise between productivity and speed, while the high pigmentation reduces ink consumption and therefore provides a low cost per sqm and a very competitive ROI. The Variodrop technology enhances the greyscale technology by increasing productivity and improved image quality, also eliminating the inherent problems that can occur with greyscale printing.

Other features include six colour printing and different ink options, unattended printing with large rolls, options of reverse side printing and integrated border cutting. Durst roll ink is environmentally friendly. The inks are completely VOC free and accredited with the stringent Nordic Swan environmental certification.

For digital or offset printers who wish to enter new large format markets or enhance their existing portfolio, the Rho 312R is the most flexible and productive printer available. It will provide the ideal solution for anything from high quality backlits and Fine Art prints to POP, banners, and even wallpaper and façade decoration, profitably.


The Rhotex HS leads digital soft sign printing into the productivity of industrial textile printing. The existing Rhotex 322 is currently the fastest digital textile printer. However, the new Rhotex HS is over twice as fast as the Rhotex 322 and makes it very favourably competitive with industrial textile printers but with all the advantages of digital over analogue technology. It is capable of printing up to 300sqm/h and a typical production schedule would be 500,000sqm per year at a highly competitive cost per sqm.

The Rhotex HS is Durst’s reaction to this market requirement. It is designed for rugged industrial use whilst offering all the advantages of digital printing. The new printer features Durst Quadro Z printheads with a print carriage of over 49,000 nozzles and a resolution of up to 1200 dpi with a drop size of 7, 14, or 21 pl. With 8 colours, greyscale and primary printing options, the Rhotex provides the finest print quality.

The printer uses eco-friendly water based dispersed dye inks which are odourless, VOC free and recyclable. They also comply with Blue Wool scale 5-6, suitable for up to 2 years’ outdoor use. The Rhotex HS will print up to 330 cm width by any length, and with unrivalled data and image flexibility, 24/7 reliability and the finest quality of print, the Rhotex HS is ideal for: banners, posters POP/POS displays, indoor wall graphics, trade show displays, parasols, flags, backdrops and outdoor advertising.