Durst Announces Production Printer Installation

Jason Chor, J&A Imaging Station Sdn Bhd and Tomio Kiyose, Durst Group South East Asia in front of the Rho 512R LED production printer.
GSW – Mimaki

Durst has installed a Rho 512R LED production printer at J&A Imaging Station Sdn Bhd in Malaysia – the first customer in Asia to purchase the machine.

An important factor in the company’s second investment in Durst technology is because brands are increasingly needing bigger retail displays to be printed five metres wide. J&A Imaging, which bought a Durst P10 320R machine six years ago, made a strategic decision early on to concentrate on the large format market, with a particular focus on soft signage.

The new investment made sound financial sense, according to Jason Chor, owner of J&A Imaging. ‘All of the previously outsourced work between 3 and 5 metres has been brought in-house now,’ he said. ‘We are saving considerable amounts by printing in-house. The red colours on the Durst 512R LED in particular are an unbelievable quality. The wider benefits are new opportunities for extra international contracts and partnerships with other companies in other countries.’

J&A Imaging, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, is a high-end printer working with retail brands demanding the highest standards. ‘We wanted to improve our service even further and show dedicated commitment to our own customer base, who need high productivity and photo-quality printing,’ said Chor. ‘We are dealing in high-end printing for brands such as Gucci, Shiseido, Coach, Chanel and Maxis Telecommunication Company in Malaysia, and the trust our customers place in us is second to none. We have complete confidence in Durst. It has state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and we get excellent feedback and commitment from the friendly staff.’

Tomio Kiyose, Durst Group’s managing director, South East Asia, said, ‘This investment marks a significant milestone for J&A Imaging, which was also the first company in our region to invest in the P10 320R six years ago. It is another example of how growing numbers of companies demanding the very best quality increasingly rely on Durst to provide technology to match their exacting requirements.’

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