Duets By Gemini Expands Line Of Signage Substrates

Duets By Gemini Expands Line Of Signage Substrates

Duets by Gemini’s offering includes three completely new product lines: a multi-function substrate, impact-modified acrylic and a material for rugged applications. Ideal for public spaces, high-traffic retail, and industrial environments, Duets® Textures is an excellent material choice for rugged outdoor or indoor signage and tagging applications, with laser or rotary engraving versatility.

Duets® Textures provides fingerprint-proof durability for high-traffic and touch conditions. Designed for the durability demands of high-touch environments, the uniform, textured finish of Duets® Textures is engineered to resist the appearance of fingerprints, permit detailed engraving, and offer extreme durability.

Duets® Selects is a multi-function substrate with superior flatness for one-pass laserability. This versatile, ultra-flat substrate delivers ideal results in a variety of applications. Offering easier single-pass laser or rotary engraving with detail, Duets® Selects is durable, more productive to work with and available in matte and satin/brush finishes.

Duets Ultimates™ Reverse is laminated, impact-modified acrylic featuring a transparent, matte-finish top layer and a vivid, durable back layer in a wide range of colours. Reverse engrave designs with this rugged material for robust backlit or paint fill applications, and have complete confidence of increased resistance to abrasion and damage, even in industrial environments. Duets Ultimates Reverse is available in colours that correspond to the existing line of Duets Ultimates™ substrates, which has also been expanded with several new colours.

‘Our distribution partners have the pulse of their customers, and we are listening to develop the products they are requesting,’ said Dave Johnson, Product Manager. ‘As we continue to expand the Duets line, we are responding with new product innovations and a wider selection of the most popular colours and finishes, offering greater selection, higher substrate performance and limitless design possibilities,’ Johnson added.