Drytac Window Film Used In University Project

Drytac Window Film Used In University Project

An education facility in Queensland contacted A Sign Design to assist on a project that required privacy window graphics for its premises, but without full block out.

A Sign Design used Drytac ViziPrint Deco + optically clear window film to create an attractive set of interior window graphics for the university. The company came up with an innovative concept, with the planned graphics depicting the bark of the Melaleuca, a species of trees famously native to Australia. The design offered a high level of privacy, without completely blocking out the windows.

Drytac Window Film Used In University Project

Due to the nature of the intricate design, A Sign Design turned to Shann DPM, an exclusive distributor of Drytac films in Australia, to identify the right material to work with on the project. Jamie Lockhart from Shann DPM recommended Drytac ViziPrint Deco, a scratch-resistant window film designed to adhere permanently to smooth surfaces such as glass, plastic and metal.

Drytac ViziPrint Deco + is ideal for high-end architectural and building requirements, as well as a wide variety of custom decorating applications, making it the perfect choice for the job.

‘We were looking for a UV-printable, optically-clear window film that wouldn’t be easily scratched or damaged during and after the installation process,’ said Anele Christian, Print and Production Technician at A Sign Design.

‘Shann DPM brought us a sample of ViziPrint Deco + scratch-resistant media. After testing, we sent a job out to be installed and the feedback we received from our team was very positive.’

As Drytac ViziPrint Deco + is printable on Latex and UV printer, A Sign Design was able to print the stunning Melaleuca design onto the film with ease using its Océ ARIZONA 1260 XT UV printer.

‘The fact that the media really is scratch-resistant and easy to install is a huge benefit to us,’ Christian said. ‘The need for re-prints is massively reduced, making the whole process much more cost effective.’

Drytac Window Film Used In University Project

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