Drytac Vinyl Brightens Up City Structures

Drytac Vinyl Brightens Up City Structures

Inspired by the work of artist Hello Kirsten, Toronto-based Creative Silhouettes used Drytac Polar Grip white polymeric self-adhesive vinyl to create a series of colourful installations in the Yonge/Dundas area of the city.

Creative Silhouettes was tasked with transferring the work of Hello Kirsten onto 12 solid marble benches at the busy Yonge/Dundas intersection of Toronto. The aim of the project was to brighten up what are usually dull-coloured structures and bring a colourful and more cheerful look to the area.

Creative Silhouettes quickly identified that printing onto vinyl would be the best option and selected Drytac Polar Grip for the job. Drytac Polar Grip easily applies to a wide range of surfaces and its five-year durability meant it was an ideal choice for the outdoor installation.

‘We have been working with Drytac materials for more than two years now and have used Drytac Polar Grip on a number of projects, so we were very comfortable using it again on this new venture,’ explained Creative Silhouettes’ Giovani Pereira, responsible for Project Management and Business Development.

Hello Kirsten’s design was printed onto Drytac Polar Grip using an HP Latex R1000 printer, with the graphics installed on the marble benches located across the intersection. The benches were wrapped on all sides and the top to ensure the entire surface was covered with the colourful design.

Creative Silhouettes printed the project in just one day, while two workers were able to install the graphics in six hours. Giovani Pereira said this fast delivery was in line with the company’s aim of producing quality work for customers with a very quick turnaround. ‘We pride ourselves on a very fast turnaround high quality print and a flexible team to work with,’ Pereira concluded.

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