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At the FESPA Digital expo (20-23 May 2014, Munich), Drytac will launch new products including the new ReTac permanently peel-able range consisting of: ReTac 75, ReTac 200, ReTac Chalk and Drytac WipeOut.

ReTac 75

This is a 75 (3 mil) ‘permanently peelable’ white polymeric PVC film coated on one side with a pressure-sensitive low-tack repositionable Polyacrylate adhesive. ReTac 75 enables users to install, reposition and remove graphics on numerous surfaces, such as most indoor areas, ceramic tiles, PVC flooring, sealed wood, and sealed concrete without causing any damage. 

ReTac 200

ReTac 200 is a 200 high density polyethylene substrate with a higher rigidity than ReTac75. Being thicker and more rigid makes ReTac 200 easier to apply and remove.

ReTac Chalk

Available in a green finish, ReTac Chalk is a 180 PVC chalkboard film, with the same pressure-sensitive low-tack re-positionable adhesive as the other ReTac products. This product creates chalkboards that can be applied to virtually any surface; used, re-used and removed easily when required.

Drytac WipeOut

This re-positionable product is a repeatedly removable dry-erase material. Drytac WipeOut is a 50 Polyester film with a hard coat dry erase surface coating. This product carries all the benefits of the peel-able ReTac 75 and ReTac 200, while being able to create instant dry-erase boards wherever there is a need for them.

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