Drytac Releases Antimicrobial Film

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Drytac’s Protac Antimicrobial is composed of a textured polyester with a hard top coat. The antimicrobial additives are incorporated during the manufacturing process to ensure even distribution throughout the top coating.

These antimicrobial agents disrupt the microbial cell wall of bacteria and fungus, inhibiting growth for up to 15 years. The film’s chemistry also provides scratch and chemical resistance, which allows daily cleaning without loss of effectiveness.

Thanks to its reliable and consistent protection from contaminants including MRSA, streptococcus, E. coli, salmonella and more, Protac Antimicrobial is ideal for use in environments where hygiene is of particular importance, such as hospitals, schools, nurseries, restaurants and cafeterias.

It also provides extra peace of mind for anyone conscious of hygiene on surfaces such as counters, control panels, door plates, switches and equipment, and on signage and POP graphics and displays. Its textured yet clear finish ensures colours are not diminished while providing good resistance to abrasions. The film has a thickness of 150μ (6 mil), a width of up to 1200mm and a textured matte finish.

Drytac has developed Protac Antimicrobial with a solvent acrylic adhesive for permanent applications and comes with an indoor durability of up to 15 years. ‘Protac Antimicrobial is ideal for preventing the growth and spread of bacteria from touch surfaces,’ commented Shaun Holdom, Global Product Manager for Drytac. ‘Its applications in environments such as hospitals and health centres are practically limitless, with many more potential sites in retail, education, transport and hospitality. For anyone with concerns about hygiene and contamination, this innovative product can help.’

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