Drytac PVC Film Used For Restaurant’s Interior Graphics

Drytac PVC Film Used In Restaurant

Toronto-based Lamin-8 used Drytac’s ReTac Smooth 75 polymeric PVC film for a project at its local branch of Jimmy Guaco’s.

Lamin-8 created interior graphics that displayed some of the authentic Mexican dishes on offer at the restaurant. As many of the featured foods were very bright in colour, Lamin-8 had to ensure that the final print could effectively present these vibrant colours in a way that attracted the attention of diners and passers-by.

Lamin-8 selected Drytac ReTac Smooth 75 polymeric PVC film with matte laminate for the job. ReTac Smooth 75 is a printable self-adhesive vinyl that allows users to install, remove and reposition graphics without leaving residue on the surface underneath.

The film can be printed using eco-solvent, latex and UV technologies and Lamin-8 used its Epson S80670 device to print the graphics – achieving a stunning effect with many tasty-looking dishes.

Michael Isaacs, President of Lamin-8, said the decision to work with Drytac ReTac Smooth 75 on this job was an easy one. ‘We have been working with Drytac for more than two decades, using their laminating films and other products on a wide range of printed work,’ Isaacs said. ‘With so much knowledge of Drytac films, we quickly identified that Drytac ReTac Smooth 75 was the best film for this job.’

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