Drytac Media Used In Vehicle Wrapping Project

Drytac Media Used In Vehicle Wrapping Project

Minuteman Press Bath was approached by existing customer Bath Painters and Decorators to wrap one of its company vehicles. Minuteman Press Bath had previously wrapped a Ford Ranger and Ford Transit van for the decorating company, but the nature of the latest request meant it was much more than a standard vehicle wrapping job.

The company recently used Drytac Polar Cast to complete an unusual project that involved wrapping one of only six Citroen Ami cars in the entire UK. The customer required a Citroen Ami to be wrapped with its branding and contact information to help promote the business while the vehicle was out and about.

As the car was unfamiliar and had an unusual shape compared to standard vehicles, Minuteman Press Bath sought out a material that would deliver a high-quality finish with first-class and reliable adhesion.

‘This vehicle was quite compact, and the body is made of textured plastic, so it is a bit unusual to work with,’ Minuteman Press Bath’s Operations Manager Kieran Blacknall said. ‘We discussed these challenges with the team at Drytac and settled on Polar Cast with the matching Cast Gloss laminate film.’

After printing the design onto the vinyl using its HP Latex 700W, the Minuteman Press Bath team was able to apply the wrap with ease, achieving an all-over effect on the car. Such has been the success of the job that the new-look vehicle has already caught the attention of many people in the historic city.

‘The client was very happy with the results and has already had lots of interest in the vehicle, you really can’t miss it,’ Blacknall said.

Minuteman Press Bath is no stranger to Drytac, having started using its products back in 2018. The company has gone on to use Drytac materials in a wide range of projects, drawing plenty of praise from customers in the process.

‘We use Polar Premium polymeric vinyl for a lot of our signage work, ReTac for interiors, SpotOn for short term applications and a variety of the speciality films including Polar Chrome and Polar Blockout,’ Blacknall said. ‘We’re always really impressed with the quality and performance of the products, and we like the fact they are manufactured in the UK.’

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