Dowd Engravers Expand Business Capacity With Flatbed Printer And Laser From Graphix Supply World

Dowd Engravers Expand Business Capacity With Flatbed Printer And Laser Supplied By Graphix Supply World

Dowd Engravers, a well-established company in operation for 60 years with an ever-increasing number of customers and projects per year, recently acquired the Bodor Laser cutter and Mimaki JFX200-2513 flatbed printer from Graphix Supply World.

The Mimaki JFX200-2513 is a high-performance large flatbed LED UV printer. This machine delivers unparalleled results to expand the potential for professional sign and graphics companies. A choice of inks, including white and clear, offers unlimited creative opportunities, with the capability to print on a wide range of substrates. Easy to use and with a compact footprint, the printer maximises productivity by using industry standard-sized media on its 2.5m x 1.3m bed.

Along with Dowd’s acquisition of the Mimaki flatbed printer, the company also purchased the Bodor Fibre Laser cutter from GSW earlier this year. The machine is suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass and alloy metal materials, while a light crossbeam makes it work faster. It features an ideal industrial design and its high quality electrical software control system gives equipment a higher cutting precision. The machine has a more comfortable operation, more stable performance, more durable quality, higher cutting efficiency and a wider application scope.

Dowd Engravers design, create and install custom-made signage and nameplates that are acid etched, engraved, CNC machined, screen-printed, digitally printed, anodised, or include vinyl application. The company is run by Susan Turner and her daughter Jane. ‘The company was started in 1956 by Tom Dowd,’ said Susan Turner. ‘In the ’70s, Roger Turner joined the business and the name changed to Dowd and Turner. The business grew to a staff count of around 60 people. Our core focus in those days was mostly industrial engraving and name plates, etched and printed.

‘By 1998 we had downsized the business and changed the company’s name back to Dowd Engravers. Our core focus was to modernise the business and our service offering. Instead of only focusing on industrial engraving, we included a larger range of signage. We are continually evolving the business and have a staff count of around 25 people.’

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