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DNA Services Training and Consulting has launched its wallpaper-online website, which serves as an additional online marketing tool for the company’s wallpaper division. This is due to an increased demand for quality digital print wall murals and the installations thereof.

Steven Matthee of DNA Services Training and Consulting said, ‘Over the past eight years there has been a noticeable increase and an uphill trend of traditional wallpapers being used not only in homes, but also in retail positions where they are used for product displays and promotions or where they form part of the overall decorative finished appearance of a store.

He explained that in houses, clients want that ‘memory or family wall’ consisting of family collages or Disney-like images children’s rooms, as well as entrance halls and columns decorated with a rich textured wallpaper finish. He said there is a greater awareness now of the various decorative products available out there and clients are insisting on quality products and proper installation thereof.

‘This is where our 10 years of experience installing wallpapers (of all textures and prints) works to our advantage,’ said Matthee. ‘All wallpaper installers of the company undergo a rigorous and intensive six month in-house ‘installer training programme’. At the end of this programme, they are fully educated in all technical aspects, including various factors relating to surface preparation and the correct installation techniques with reference to decorative/embossed wall coverings or digitally printed mural products.’

‘We offer on-site consultations and clients can view sample book ranges and match a particular product to their personal tastes and requirements. From Digitally printed murals, RoomMates ‘Peel and Stick’ d├ęcor range and an extensive range of embossed/textured/patterned wallpapers, we offer a full solution to your decorative finishing requirements,’ said Matthee.

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