Direct Color Systems Releases UV LED Printer


The new UV-84DTS, a 120cm x 243cm UV LED printer, has a wide range of advanced features geared towards precision printing and production. It includes industrial Ricoh print heads, a trouble-free ink delivery system, variable drop greyscale technology, and resolutions up to 1200dpi.

Combine those items with an all-new Color Byte 11 software solution, integrated vacuum table, and a 1.5L bulk ink system, and operators can reliably print job after job. ‘This release positions the company to offer innovative UV printers to a wider audience,’ said Tom Kaplinski, President and CEO. ‘We incorporated the needs and requests of our customers in the development of this release and are proud to add this wide format printer to our complete line-up.’

‘This marks the next step in our history of providing innovative solutions to the printing industry,’ said Steve Mills, global director, sales and marketing. ‘Maintaining our patented technology to produce ADA/Braille signs with many of the popular UV printing applications solidifies the UV-84DTS as a premier solution.’

‘This is a monumental release for the international market as well,’ said Rui Carvalho, Director of Sales and Business Development (Europe, Asia and Africa). ‘Our international distributors around the globe now have a complete line of UV printers to offer customers of all sizes, in all regions – regardless of industry.’


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