Digital Sign Tech Launches InkjetClean Cartridges


Digital Sign Technologies has released new InkJetClean cartridges for on-the-printer print head cleaning, maintenance and recovery. 

The InkJetClean cartridges make cleaning and maintenance of Epson print heads even faster, simpler and safer for print heads. The cleaner comes in cartridges that will fit Mimaki, Roland and Mutoh eco-solvent printers and prints like ink, cleaning your print head right on a printer.

As the fluid passes through the head it recovers missing or deflected nozzles, flushes and cleans the printer’s tubing, capping station, and everything that it passes through. In a matter of minutes InkJetClean cartridges can dramatically improve the condition of print heads, saving time and eliminating risks associated with dismantling print heads.

Besides print head recovery, InkJetClean are well suited for a regular print head maintenance. They can be used when you notice even the slightest deflections of nozzles in your nozzle test prints. This will ensure a consistent, high quality output of your prints, all while extending the service life of your print heads.

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