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Various US digital billboard operators sent messages of support to the city of Boston, after bombs which were set off during the Boston Marathon killed three people and injured at least 176 others.

After the bombing took place, Clear Channel Outdoor Boston put its digital billboards to community use, warning motorists away from Copley Square, the site of the bombing, and turning screen time over to the Massachussetts Emergency Management Agency. The company already was using its billboards to promote the event and wish runners luck on race day, giving a shout out to one of its own employees running in the marathon.

The company also used its billboards to notify Bostonians of other issues, such as changes to previously scheduled events, and to post inspirational messages or images the next day. Digital billboard operators around the country — both Clear Channel and others — began using their digital billboards to send messages of support to Boston.

They also used the digital billboards to post updates and messages helping in the manhunt for the marathon bombing suspects.

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