Design And Manufacturing Company Sees Immediate Benefits With Zünd Cutter

Design And Manufacturing Company Sees Immediate Benefits With Zünd Cutter

As a contract manufacturer, Integra is faced with processing a wide variety of upholstery materials, including leather, vinyls and fabrics with many types of backers and stretch properties. The company now boosts throughput, material yield and quality consistency with a Zünd G3 2XL-3200 and MindCUT.

Located in southern Wisconsin, Integra, Inc., has been designing and manufacturing seating and tables for lounge and reception areas for nearly four decades. ‘Prior to purchasing the Zünd cutter, we were manufacturing the old-fashioned way — manually —using hand-traced paper patterns and cutting stack materials with a 20.3cm (8”) straight blade and a rotating hand cutter for single plies,’ said company president Greg Scharnott.

After reviewing several auto-cutting solutions, Integra selected a Zünd G3 cutting system with MindCut software. Besides being located less than an hour away, the company felt Zünd simply provided the best solution for pattern cutting.

In keeping with its brand motto, Integra is proud to provide top-quality products and superior customer service. The company has doubled the size of its manufacturing facility in the past two years. According to Scharnott, Zünd has continued to be a key part of the company’s growth model, ‘The Zünd team has been great to work with. Our partnership continues to expand with additional equipment features such as pattern matching that support Integra’s growth plan through technology solutions.’

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