Company Invests In New Summa Flatbed Cutter For Large Format Jobs

Company Invests In New Summa Flatbed Cutter For Large Format Jobs

Comeco Gráfico S.L.U. recently bought the Summa F3232 flatbed cutter, the bigger version of the F1612, for large format jobs. This cutting system is particularly useful when processing large board materials, or heavy banner materials and light to non-stretch wide textile rolls, all while meeting the highest quality standards.

Since 2019, their F1612 flatbed cutter has been up and running to help process all kinds of material types for the packaging industry. Because of the growth in their large format workload in recent months, Comeco Gráfico decided to buy an additional larger flatbed cutter while maintaining the existing productivity.

They have chosen a second Summa product because of the user friendliness, reliability and flexibility the Summa F1612 gives. Even though both machines are used for the same type of jobs, each in its own format, the production loads can now be distributed across the two cutters, providing more flexibility and workflow efficiency.

Pedro Iglesias, Section Head of production at Comeco Gráfica explained: ‘The two machines are essential. Given the number of machines we have in our facilities, it makes no sense to process two-by-three-metre materials and then not be able to finish them on site. The cutters are currently handling the work coming from three painting tables and four large format web printers. They allow a chain of work from the painting table or printer to the cutting table and on to the next stage of production. We see that the cutters are capable of handling the load of even more devices.’

While the F3232 takes care of the large format jobs, the functionalities of the smaller F1612 are not inferior to its big brother. Comeco fitted the F1612 with a milling kit, not the F3232, because these applications are hardly done at such large sizes. Apart from that, the same tools are used on both cutters, proving the versatility and compatibility within the F Series range from Summa. From posters, banners from small to large, packaging, various signs and cardboard displays to stickers, nothing is too much for Comeco Gráfico.

Despite the large size of the F3232 flatbed cutter, installation did not take long. In less than a week, two people from Summa partner Rotutech had it up and running. While the installers collected the boxes and the plastics, it was a pleasant surprise for Comeco Gráfico that they were able to start using the flatbed cutter right away.

Comeco Gráfica’s relationship with Summa does not end with this new cutting equipment. As a growing company, they are always considering new innovations to meet the high expectations of their clients. For example, there are modules and tools that might come in handy for the cutting of textiles, which are printed on four large format plotters. Also, the new perforation tool could save time on some packaging applications.

The Summa F3232 flatbed cutter was purchased, delivered and installed by Rotutech. Distributor Cyan SA was also involved in the sales and installation process.

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