Colorscreen Showcasing Exile Spyder II Direct-To-Screen Printer For First Time In SA


Colorscreen will debut EXILE’s new Spyder II direct-to-screen printer, which provides the ultimate in quality, while simplifying the process of creating screen masks, at the FESPA Africa and Sign Africa expo, taking place from 22-24 July at Gallagher Convention Centre.

This high-resolution device can image screens at over two square feet per minute for extremely fast throughput. It is perfect for the busy screen room, or any screen printer that is looking to eliminate film, reduce labour, speed up job turnaround, and improve print quality. The Spyder II has a new, streamlined interface with easy to use touch screen controls. It boasts increased speed, resulting in improved through-put and greater mechanical and production efficiency, while simultaneously offering improved print quality with enhanced dot placement. With fewer, and newer electronics, the new Spyder II provides a simplified structure, improved performance, control and long term reliability.

The Spyder II uses heated wax ink with a robust, phase change inkjet head technology, to place a high-density image directly onto a coated screen. The system can print up to 1200 dpi, allowing halftone frequencies of up to 110 lpi. The Spyder II 30 supports standard frames up to 76.2cm (30”) x 101,6cm (40”), while the larger Spyder II 52 supports frame sizes up to 137.2 (54”) x 116.8 (46”).

A full-featured Harlequin RIP is included to provide extremely fast and reliable file output. The Spyder II will also accept 1-bit tiff files from any other RIP so it will easily fit into an existing pre-press workflow.

Entrance to the expo is free. Pre-register online and attend the expo, and you could win R1000 cash.

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