Version 8 of the Colorgate RIP software family is now available to all end users. Colorgate is successful developing innovative software solutions for the following markets: Large Format Printing (LFP), Commercial Printing, Prepress, Packaging Printing and Industrial Printing.
Thomas Kirschner, Managing Director of Colorgate said, ‘All innovations in version 8 have been developed in accordance with our end users. As experts of the whole digital imaging process we are closely observing all changes in the markets, which we seek to further shape and flank with our solutions. The focus is the steady enhancement of our software to improve the production abilities of our end users.’
The new versions of the Productionserver, Filmgate, Plategate and Proofgate can be characteriSed by their high degree of flexibility and scalability. Furthermore, all versions are future-proof ensured by the Value Pack software maintenance program. All RIP software products version 8 are running on the new Adobe PDF Print Engine 3.1.

Additionally, the Container+ function, the Linearisation Assistant, the Profiler Module PFM and the CutServer has been updated with new functions. Although, the selection of the media size is now open to user defined changes.
Innovations in Version 8:
• All RIP software base products can be configured freely via the Output Management Sets OMS concerning the printer driver Cat.1, Cat. 2, Cat.3 respectively Cat. S, M, L or P) and the optional Ink Saver Module. With Ink Saver, the total amount of ink can be reduced by up to 30 percent without a visible loss of quality, which also means a reduction of the total printing costs. Therefore, Colorgate strongly recommends the standard equipment of an OMS with the Ink Saver Technology for an environmentally conscious, eco-friendly and cost effective production. Besides the Ink Saver Module and the printer driver, every OMS contains the Adobe PDF Print Engine (APPE).
• The Adobe PDF Print Engine 3.1 is currently the fastest available rendering platform for graphically rich content. Besides the fully automated PDF end-to-end workflow, surprise-free print results with excellent colour reproduction qualities the APPE 3.1 is distinguisha-ble by new scalability functions and the optimised data transfer qualities, which are keeping the printing speed at a constant high volume.
• Colorgate’s Value Pack program ensures a longtime security of the end users investment. For a yearly fee the customer gains access to all updates and upgrades, a preferential treatment of all support requests (Web support and Remote support) as well as access to exclusive discount campaigns.
The Production server 8 (PS8) – the flagship of the RIP software family – is now available in the attractive PS8 Flex-Line. The following base products are fully expandable:
• PS8 Select
• PS8 Pro
• PS8 Ultimate
• PS8 Campaign Printing

ThePS8 Manufacturer Editions and PS8 Special Editions will be available too. The Manufacturer Editions are optimised for printers of respective manufacturers. The PS8 Special Editions are especially designed to meet the requirements of certain application fields such as Industrial Printing.
All PS8 versions are equipped with Media Device Synchronisation MDS for excellent Colour Management features. This exclusive Colorgate technology allows setting back any printer to a reference state. With the fine adjusting option for ICC-profiles print results can be standardised and transferred to identical printing systems to prevent system or environmental deviations.
The new Proof Standard Digital Module PSDM enables contract proofing according to international colour standards such as ISO standard 12647-7 as well as according to the reference level of FOGRA 39. The control wedge evaluation process has been adjusted to the ProcessStandard Digital (PSD) specifications. The PSDM adds the complete range of Proofgate functions to PS8.
Besides the new modules and product lines, the Productionserver has been further enhanced. With the new Container+, Colorgate is enhancing the nesting functions by adding centering containers and margins for containers without being limited to a certain size. Jobs can now be arranged according to preset or user-defined criteria with the ordered nesting option.
The Linearisation Assistant and Profiler Module PFM are supporting simultaneous liearisation or profiling processes at the same time, for example continuous printing while creating ICC-profiles. Version 8 further supports the linearisation of spot colours. The new presets for ink splitting curves are ranging from smoother print results up to the possibility to reduce the amsunt of ink used.
Improved control options for cut and perforation lines are now available through the added zoom function in the CutServer. It is available in the preview window, which has enhanced too with new illustrated cut and perforation lines. The cut directions are now displayed as vectors. The information overview of the file list is now more detailed.
In the job setting it’s now possible to set user-defined media sizes. This will help to save time for users working with individual sizes of media sheets or rolls. The new dialog saves these user defined sizes in the printer definition (COS file) automatically to be valid for the current printer queue. In addition the complete list can be exported and re-imported to a different printer queue/RIP installation.
The Version 8 is supporting a variety of new printing systems: Canon IPF6400 Screen (Cat. 1 / M), Canon IPF8400 Screen (Cat. 1 / L), DYSS Apollo GF2616-20FMW (Cat. 3), DYSS Apollo GH1600-16SFWFV (Cat. 3), DYSS Apollo GH2200-16SFWFV (Cat. 3), DYSS Apollo GH2600-16SFWFV (Cat. 3), DYSS Apollo GH3200-16SFWFV (Cat. 3), GongZheng ThunderJet A2502S (Cat. 2), GongZheng ThunderJet A2602S (Cat. 2), HP Latex 3000 (Cat. 3), Inca Onset S70 (Cat. 3), Mimaki JFX 500 (Cat. 2), Roland VS 300i (Cat. 1), Roland VS 540i (Cat. 1), Roland VS 640i (Cat.1), Screen TP-J-W1632 UV (Cat. 3), Seiko ColorPainter M-64S (IP-6620) (Cat. 1), Vutek QS2 Pro (Cat. 3), Vutek QS3 Pro (Cat. 3), Vutek GS2000 PRO (Cat. 3), Vutek GS2000Lx Pro (Cat. 3), Vutek GS3250 Pro (Cat. 3), Vutek Gs3250Lx Pro (Cat. 3), Vutek GS3250R (Cat. 3).


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