Color-Logic And Vivid Laminating Technologies Partnership Enables Higher Margin Products

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Color-Logic has partnered with Vivid Laminating Technologies, enabling any colour digital printer to produce 250 different metallic colours from a single roll of foil, using the Color-Logic Design Suite and the award-winning Vivid Matrix Digital Foiling and Laminating System. Vivid offers both silver and rainbow holographic foils for this purpose.

Discussing the technique, Color-Logic director of sales and marketing Mark Geeves commented: ‘The partnership enables any CMYK digital printer to produce 250 different metallic foil hues and gradations with their existing inks and toners. The attention-commanding brilliance of conventional cold foil is enhanced by the many Color-Logic special effects available to designers, and the simplicity of the Vivid system makes digital foiling available to anyone with a digital printer. The key benefit of the Color-Logic and Vivid partnership lies in the ability of printers to produce higher margin products with their current equipment, as well as attracting profitable new customers.’



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