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Color Alliance, specialist for digital large format printing and provider and Caldera, a leading provider of RIP and workflow solutions have formed a technological alliance to offer perfectly matched RIP and workflow systems to their more than fifteen thousand customers worldwide. This allows users to optimally drive and operate their machines at full capacity.

By using CA Smartshop customer orders are directly transferred to Caldera´s own workflow solution Caldera Flow. This means the order is directly sent to the RIP and from there further to the machine. The benefit is a perfectly matched workflow in which Color Alliance escorts from the idea to the order before Caldera takes over the order guiding it to the final product.

The Technological Alliance between Caldera and Color Alliance in the area of web to print offers customers who do not need an editor in their LFP shop to use the Caldera W2P solution. Users willing to offer their customers an editor/configurator in their shop are offered Color Alliance´s solution. Both solutions provide interfaces to Caldera´s RIP and workflow world.

The business partners will closely work together regarding further developments while respecting their customer´s demands in order to provide them with competitive workflow and electronic business solutions also in the future. First reference customers already are in the installation process and will go online shortly.

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