Colex Introduces Sharpcut Flatbed Cutter


Colex has launched the Sharpcut Flatbed Cutter Conveyor System, a productive and valuable solution for the automated finishing of wide format media that can be used for a variety of applications.

The conveyor system is designed to speed up the process of cutting soft to rigid boards, vinyl, fabric and textiles by using the automatic board feeder or the roll feeder, allowing for faster production runs. The Sharpcut Conveyor is designed to operate with minimal operator intervention when equipped with the automatic board feeder or the roll feeder. This provides users with the best affordable digital cutting automation system.

The Sharpcut Conveyor is special in that it allows finishing technicians to perform intricate cuts while operating fully automated. It offers a Triple Interchangeable Tool Head station that selects the proper tool for the job and an energy efficient six-Zone Vacuum System with a Vision Registration System.

The Sharpcut Conveyor package includes a Fixed Knife, Oscillating Knife and a Router. The new and improved oscillating knife cuts at 14000 strokes per minute, cutting 50 percent faster, along with a variety of new tools offered to customise the Sharpcut Conveyor to suit specific needs and workflows including the Universal Drawing Tool, V-cut Knife for 90 degree folds, Coroplast Knife, Creasing Wheel, Universal Single Edge Knife for Sintra up to 6mm, and the new motorised rotary knife for fabrics.

The Optiscout Vision Registration System features a high resolution colour camera, the ability to import over thirty file formats, plug-in export data from CorelDRAW, Illustrator and AutoCAD desktop to the Optiscout desktop, user friendly material library and the ability to read any diameter registration mark, crop mark or square, resulting in highly efficient production.

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