China Direct Announces PPE Products


China Direct recently announced Covid-19 protective solutions.

These include:

Face protection

– 3 ply face masks (50 in a box).
– 3 ply cotton face masks (available in black, white and navy).
– 3 ply red cotton face masks.
– Black face shield (strong and high quality).
– KN95 masks.


– 150ml aerosol hand and surface sanitiser spray (95% alcohol content).
– 95ml gel hand sanitiser (70% alcohol content).
– 500ml gel hand sanitiser for bathrooms (75% alcohol content).
– 500ml liquid hand sanitiser ideal for anywhere (75% alcohol content).
– 5l liquid hand sanitiser (blue/70% alcohol consumption/local brand).
– 5l clear liquid hand sanitiser (75% alcohol content).
– 25l liquid hand sanitiser.
– Wet wipes (15 in a pack, no alcohol content).

Other products include:

– Social distancing floor markers (5 pack, white 110 micron matte vinyl, printed full colour, with a 210 micron satin floor laminate, 350 x 250mm size and die cut to size).
– Foot operated spray or liquid sanitiser dispenser (includes 2 x 500ml sanitisers).

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