CHILI Publish Announces Online Document Editor Available As A Service


CHILI publisher Online was developed in compatibility with Microsoft Azure to supply service providers with the cloud-collaborative technology stack they need to ensure business continuity and/or optimisation via their web2print platforms. It is available in four different tiers: Starter, Business, Professional and Private Cloud.

Numerous printers and agencies are aware of the benefits of web2print and the added revenue this could bring to their business, but are hindered by lack of time, resources or expertise. CHILI publish therefore decided to open up its solution offering and partner community to accommodate everyone with a state-of-the-art web2print enablement module.

CHILI publisher Online is the SaaS solution that offers an always up-to-date version of CHILI publisher, hosted in the cloud, including instant access to all product updates, the latest features and new modules.

Each CHILI publisher online tier will consist of:

• Full access to all features, modules and APIs.
• Automatic product updates.
• Cloud elasticity for instant scalability.
• CHILI publish Connect – full access to the CHILI partner community.

It will be available in four tiers based on usage and SLA level to accommodate any company size, in both a multi-tenant and single-tenant setup:

• Starter – small companies or teams getting started.
• Business – mid-sized companies growing their business.
• Professional – companies who service large customers.
• Private Cloud – enterprises and global brands.

In the age of digital transformation, agility is essential. Especially in a web2print environment that is defined by a plethora of martech tools that need to communicate and collaborate on many levels. CHILI publish teamed up with Microsoft Azure, the cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centres.

John Arnsdorf, Product Marketing Manager at CHILI publish, highlights the importance of this launch, ‘Tech can no longer stand in the way of business optimisation for printers. CHILI publisher Online delivers a future-proof frontend, with native cloud functionality optimised for Microsoft Azure. It eliminates costly infrastructure investments or system maintenance and is ready to do what it should do within any web2print setup.’

More information on CHILI publisher Online is available at:

CHILI publish is also hosting a webinar series on the SaaS offering on April 28 and April 30:

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