CGS ORIS Announces Software Version Update

CGS ORIS Announces Software Version Update

CGS ORIS has announced the availability of the software version of CERTIFIED. The quality control and certification software has a new graphical user interface.

CERTIFIED’s new look and feel now fits into the appearance of all other applications; clear, structured and organised: In combination with new icons, this version features a new level of usability. But there are also heaps of new features that make colour control so much smoother.

New international standard tolerances have been integrated and tolerance values specified for individual colour patches for determining the pass/fail status of a validation measurement. Among other things, this is interesting if the user wants more detailed certification information that goes beyond an ISO standard. The single-patch measurement mode is now also supported for the i1iO scanning table.

Besides that, it is now possible to use measurement files that do not contain any media relative data for validations with a media-relative print target. When loading such measurements, the data will automatically be converted into media relative values.

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