Carbon Launches Large Format L1 3D Printer

Carbon Launches Large Format L1 3D Printer

Carbon’s new L1 3D printer uses the same proprietary Digital Light Synthesis technology found in its M1 and M2 3D printers. The L1 is a large format version that is designed for high-volume production.

Compared to the other Carbon 3D printing systems, the L1 presents a much larger build area and more efficient workflow. It offers 10 times the build volume of the M1 and five times the volume of the M2, allowing for more parts to be produced simultaneously.

Alongside the announcement of the new machine, the 3D printing start-up has shared the general workflow for the L1 3D printer, which combines Carbon’s software, hardware, and resin materials.

First, the customer’s STL file is sent through Carbon’s automated software tools, embedding unique part identification codes for quality control. After that, the parts are printed on the L1 from Carbon’s liquid resin material, followed by a cleaning process that ensures an optimal surface finish and part accuracy. Finally, the parts are thermally cured in an oven and tested for quality assurance.


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