Canon South Africa Continues Path Towards Carbon Neutrality


Canon South Africa has set the target to reduce the lifecycle carbon emission from its products by 3% every year. In the EMEA region specifically, the company’s goal is to reduce its carbon footprint by 15% (from 2010 levels) by 2020. This will be achieved through remote maintenance strategies, the smart dispatch of engineers, more efficient logistics, consolidating office space and transforming Information Communication Technology asset policies, and the virtualisation of servers, amongst other measures.

In the last four years, Canon South Africa has offset 365 tonnes of CO2e (carbon dioxide equivalent) of its carbon emissions each year. The total of 1460 tonnes over the four years is equal to 19% of Canon SA’s carbon emissions. Carbon offsetting is achieved by taking responsibility for and financing carbon reduction projects elsewhere in the economy. Canon South Africa’s offset projects are carefully selected for their wider social and environmental benefits. In 2016, the company offset 15% of its annual carbon emissions through its support of a project to purchase and rollout Wonderbags in underprivileged communities.

The Wonderbag, developed in South Africa, is a nifty cooker that relies on the age-old concept of heat retention cooking to save on energy costs. Canon South Africa’s Environmental Charter affirms that it will continue with efforts to keep its business operations in harmony with the interests of the environment and community by offering products with less environmental impact and through innovative improvements in resource efficiency.

The fundamental principles of the Charter are supported through various activities which include amongst others prioritising the procurement of resources with the lowest environmental impact, removing and disposing e-waste generated through its operations with formal recyclers according to best practice, and encouraging recycling, electricity saving and the efficient use of resources across the organisation.

‘Our strict adherence to our environmental policy and maintaining our ISO 14001 environmental accreditation since 2007 are testament to our commitment of building a healthy environment and sustainable community,’ said Iza Daly, sustainability manager, sustainability group SA. She added that in addition to reducing the carbon footprint of its own operations, Canon South Africa also helps customers reduce theirs through smart document and information solutions.

Canon subscribes to the corporate philosophy of Kyosei which is to achieve corporate growth and development while contributing to global prosperity and the wellbeing of mankind. In line with this, the company strives to maximise resource efficiency and harmonise its environmental and business interests. This is achieved through various programmes that serve the interests of a sustainable environment and community, and by offering products with less environmental impact.

Internationally, Canon’s Gold EcoVadis Gold rating gives customers and partners the assurance that they can trust the company’s sustainability credentials. The rating positions Canon globally amongst the world’s best in terms of sustainability performance.

Canon is also a signatory of the UN Global Compact, while Canon EMEA’s Supplier Code of Conduct is aligned to the International Bill of Human Rights, the covenants of the international labour organisation and other relevant international treaties and covenants.


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