Caldera has launched a dedicated costing dashboard for Durst wide-format printers. Cost-conscious Durst Omega 1 and Rho series printer operators can now monitor their profitability and environmental impact more closely than ever with the Durst-specific version of its popular CostView module, with features including a carbon footprint calculator and real-time job management.
Based on Caldera’s recently upgraded CostView (version 3.0) software and accessible to any user within a company network through its simple web-based interface, DurstView is set to become an invaluable tool for operators of Durst printers needing to keep a close eye on their costs. Job information is extracted directly from the spooler, and users are able to specify and add costs such as finishing and shipping, enabling managers to consult production data at every stage of the print process. The job listing and its associated costs can also be exported as a spreadsheet for further analysis.
Not only are financial costs easy to track with DurstView but environmental costs can also be measured with the innovative carbon footprint analysis tool, which determines the amount of CO2 emitted for each element of a print job. As quantifiable green credentials become more important to printers and their customers alike, the ability to measure the environmental impact of every job promises DurstView users the edge over their competitors.

‘With DurstView, print providers operating Durst Omega 1 and Rho machines are able to fine-tune their profitability with ease, as well as offering added-value carbon footprint information to their eco-conscious customers,’ said S├ębastien Hanssens, vice-president of marketing, Caldera. ‘It’s the ultimate production dashboard for the cost-sensitive business.’
Christoph Gamper, Executive Vice President of Durst Phototetechnik AG, says that ‘since 2001, Durst has been developing large-format inkjet-based printers and has a reputation as being second to none in terms of printing quality and performance. Together with RIP specialist Caldera, Durst has developed the workflow software DurstView further to ensure precise calculation of the production costs and environmental factors for each printing order. We are delighted that we can offer our customers genuine added value in providing full transparency and ‘greener’ technology.’