Caldera Integrates StreamLive With Aleyant-Produced Pressero

Caldera integrates StreamLive with Aleyant-produced Pressero.

Caldera and Aleyant have combined their efforts by integrating StreamLive – a production tracking tool from Caldera, with Pressero – a web-to-print software from Aleyant.

Aleyant Pressero is a cloud-based B2B or B2C online storefront solution that can be customised with ease to suit the preferences of users and their customers. Pressero powers some of the most advanced cloud-based websites, stores and portals for digital, commercial, wide format and specialty printers and distributors.

SaaS application Caldera StreamLive has production tracking capabilities that allow users to create customer job sheets, submit files to the workflow and follow projects in real time via the cloud. The solution’s built-in interoperability with other software makes it ideal for integration with Pressero’s web-to-print system.

With Pressero’s web-to-print storefront seamlessly feeding Caldera StreamLive with online orders, users will benefit from enhanced productivity, error-correcting capabilities that will reduce mistakes, and a huge time savings resulting from this automated workflow.


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