Caldera Announces V10 Software


Caldera has launched its tenth edition of its feature-packed printer control software that liberates today’s print houses through productivity, connectivity and modernity. V10 doubles previous average RIP speeds to provide printers of all sizes and types with the independence to print what they wish without having to sacrifice speed or complexity.

V10 unleashes the power of smart algorithmic processing, APPE 3.3 and new remote management capabilities within a svelte yet fully-featured new interface. Designed for efficiency, it allows users to streamline their screen to focus only on live tasks, while icons and markers have been standardised throughout in a modern style. Caldera’s use of HTML5 provides cross-platform, cross-OS support for remote management via new module VisualRemote which recognise the nature of today’s print room by providing different levels of off-site access to operators.

Caldera’s Chief Technical Officer, Frédéric Soulier said, ‘In the latest version of Caldera, we have considered at length the way companies deploy their RIP, both now and also over the course of the product’s lifetime. V10 marries new usability concepts with major advances in raw speed, making it, we believe, the RIP of choice for this exciting era of applications development within and outside the graphic arts.’

Caldera’s vision of interoperability recognises that the RIP must work in tandem with the other software business owners have researched and selected to facilitate their operations. The new version frames task automation and data connectivity in single-click pathways from within the Ul: for example, QuickPrint allows a user to push a job to print using a preset configuration. V10 can also be used in conjunction with Caldera’s JDF toolkit, Nexio, to create connections with MIS, accounting and logistics software, enabling simplicity through advanced data management and the foundations of a unified workflow. Users may add QR Codes alongside the print, with an automated cut path where required, to facilitate this functionality.

The inclusion of APPE 3.3 marries this upgrade with the benefits of 64bit data handling. Users can now RIP massive files which, previously, were limited by a lack of onboard memory, leveraging their processor’s full active memory to provide additional efficiencies across the full job queue. Files with transparency and overprinting benefit particularly by processing consistently three times faster than previously in live production environments, although this increases to a blistering 50 times for some files.

In line with customer polling, other features have been re-contextualised within Caldera to support operator logic and ease of use. Production overview tool PrintBoard formerly an application of Variable Display, now becomes an intrinsic element of the RIP, allowing users to see job and production status at a glance through a web-based application and extending its use into the realm of remote monitoring.

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