Brilliant Media Rebrands With Antalis’ Orajet


The motor-sport division of construction and refurbishment specialist Brilliant Media rebranded its new race car trailer with Orajet, supplied by Antalis.

Brand and design experts Barley McNaughton and Tony Kenton used Orajet to transform a plain, full-sized articulated lorry into one of the most talked-about transporters on the racing circuit.

Kenton, branding and marketing director at Brilliant Media said, ‘Our client needed the lorry finished, roadworthy and ready to go in just two weeks as they were heading to Spa in Belgium for their next race. The Brilliant team created an architectural line illustration as a backdrop along the entire length and back of the lorry to highlight the company’s construction heritage. This was then given the appearance of being peeled back to reveal the interior of the truck by presenting 1:1 scale photographic images of both the team’s touring cars and classics.’

The company used Orajet 3951RA vinyl from Antalis for the job, which required a consistent, reliable film that would remain stable print after print and conform well to the deep recesses of the trailer.

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