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The LED Mood Lighting tape or strip lighting is easy to install and the lighting tape can be used in alcoves, under or over cabinets, behind glass panels or anywhere that requires a splash of colour. These tape lights are widely used by interior designers to create that perfect mood or ambience.

You have a choice of waterproof or non-waterproof LED tape lights. The non-waterproof type has an adhesive backing for easy installation. The tape lights are available in various single colours (single and Tri-LEDs) and RGB which is colour changing.

The popular RGB tape lights are suitable for both indoors and outdoors use. Together with the RGB controller and wireless remote control, you can select different lighting modes including speed of colour change. You can also select static display and scroll through the different colours and stop at the colour and shade you fancy at the time. Accessories include power supplies, dimmers and wireless colour controller modules.

The lights are popular for residential and commercial applications and are the perfect solution for mood lighting in clubs, shops, pubs, restaurants and bars.

Enhance any space using our flexible LED mood lighting.
• Total flexibility, cut intervals from 5cm.
• Indoor and outdoor (IP65) tape light available.
• Adhesive backing (indoor tape only).
• Wide beam angle 120 – 140 degrees.
• 650lm per metre soft white tape light using tri-chip technology.
• Power supplies, dimmer and colour changing modules are available.
• Perfect for commercial and residential lighting.

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