BrightSign Partners With Converge For LCD Touch Display

BrightSign Partners With Converge For LCD Touch Display

BrightSign has partnered with Converge Retail to provide Bluefin LCD touch displays with BrightSign’s HS123 system-on-a-chip solution for Converge Retail’s lineup of inline, tabletop and standalone retail displays.

These 13.3 inch displays will allow customers to browse various products, compare prices, check availability and more. End users can integrate multiple displays into a single fixture with the Bluefin solution, such as using one touchscreen tablet as the primary customer interface while a larger display shows off the customer’s product selection and customisation in real time.

Paul Chapuis, CEO of Converge Retail said, ‘The BrightSign/Bluefin solution is ideal in that it’s rugged and stable enough to withstand the rigours of near-constant use in a retail environment. Purpose-built signage hardware running a dedicated, commercial-grade operating system is the ideal solution for our business as we turn our attention to larger-scale rollouts.’


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