Bovhu Print Invests In First Mimaki SIJ-320UV Printer


Bovhu Printing & Designing is the first company to invest in the new Mimaki SIJ-320UV from Graphix Supply World. The Mimaki SIJ-320UV is Bovhu's step into new technology moving from solvent based printing to UV LED printing.

The SIJ-320UV is equipped with various print quality check features to ensure the Mimaki quality guarantee:

  • The patented dithering Mimaki Fine Diffusion 1 technology (MFD1) processes image data while safeguarding the original image quality. The technology is included in the Rasterlink 6 RIP software and reduces noise through hybrid processing of pattern and error diffusion dithering.
  • Mimaki Advanced pass system 4 (MAPS4) reduces banding and uneven colour printing.
  • Optimum waveform technique ensures ink deposition at an optimum angle from the printhead, while maintaining excellent ink droplet circularity.
  • NCU automatically detects and recovers clogged nozzles.
  • NRS selects substitute nozzles to restart printing, if required.
  • Precise media feeding mechanism supports fine printing.

This is the second Mimaki at Bovhu Printing, the first one was the Mimaki JV33-260. Dan van Rensburg, owner of Bovhu Printing & Designing commented on the company's decision to invest Mimaki printers, 'I investigated various printers from various companies, Graphix Supply World's quotation and the Mimaki JV33-260 printer made most sense. Graphix Supply World's support made this a seamless transition, no production time was lost.'

'Years later, both the original printer and the Mimaki JV33-260 was running at full capacity. A decision had to be made, instead of overtime start working night shifts, with the usual risks, especially in the industrial sites,' said van Rensburg.

The company decided to invest in the newly launched Mimaki SIJ-320UV printer. 'The Mimaki SIJ-320UV was launched at FESPA Africa 2015 at Gallagher Convention Centre. With Darryl Braithwaite, the Sales Director at Graphix Supply World's support and verifying cost calculations, it was a no brainer. Training was provided on the Mimaki SIJ-320UV, delivery within the expected time frame, yet again a seamless transition,' concluded van Rensburg.

Braithwaite added, 'the cost saving on the machine versus the overtime that was being paid makes the purchase worthwhile. Bovhu has taken a step into new technology by going from solvent based printing to UV LED printing.'

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