Beaver Paper Launches New Hybrid Sublimation Transfer Paper


Engineered for the highest-speed, multi-head printers, TexPrint MP has the range to deliver results that professional photog­raphers insist on. Offered in 95gsm and 125gsm, MP’s balance of instant drying, excellent dimensional stability and superb definition provides the stable platform needed for sublimation printing success.

TexPrint MP’s hybrid coating formulation combines the efficiency of a cellulose receptor coating with the accuracy, definition and instant drying common to clay surface coatings. ‘The demand from many of our partners and customers to create an economical, multi-purpose paper has been significant, and we are excited to expand our TexPrint portfolio to meet those needs,’ said Donald P. Burke, CFO of Beaver Paper. ‘We have high expectations for our new multi-purpose paper line.’


• High colour output: MP’s unique blend of coating properties gives more colour from less ink.
• Instant-dry coating: MP’s clay coating component provides smudge-free printing, even on the highest-speed printers.
• Less residual ink: post printing, MP leaves the least residual ink in the print-page, ensuring the most colour applied to your sports and athletic wear.
• Energy efficiency: TexPrint MP allows heat to migrate through the print-sheet quicker, reducing calendar dwell times and providing higher transfer speed, while deposing the richest and deepest colours.

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