Azonprinter Presenting Latest Innovations For UV Machines


The company will present its latest innovations for UV machines, including new Azon RIP software, the Conti option with a bulk-ink system and ‘plug and play’ Azon Rotax adapter, alongside its German partner Modico.

Azonprinter will present its full product range at drupa (31 May – 10 June) in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Azon Razor Conti is the company’s most versatile and competitive A3 machine with a printing size of 290 x 800mm and maximum thickness up to 200mm. It can be used for numerous industries like sign and graphic, promotion, packaging industry and so much more. The outstanding reproducing quality of 2880dpi produces the finest image details. Azon RIP software allows printing up to five layers in inline mode depending on resolution, the creation of embossed or raised print up to 2mm and allows you to achieve multiple Braille standards. It also controls print head nozzle count, has a Wizard-Based ICC Media Profile Creation-for custom colour profiles and much more.

Always striving for maximising the power of its machines, Azonprinter implemented the Conti upgrade option, which has six bulk-ink tanks, each holding 500 ml of ink, and has specially designed monitoring sensors.

The one and only ‘Plug and Play’ system on the market, the Rotax adapter, allows for bottle printing on UV A3 and A1 and B0 Indy machines. The rotary adapter allows printing on a vast range of cylindrical objects with a diameter ranging from 41mm to 127mm and height up to 279mm. With a new rotary adapter, it is possible to print more varied print applications. Print on cylindrical and cone objects such as beer and wine glasses, cups, candles, tube, cans, tanks, vases, awards and more.

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