Axzyra Grows UV Flatbed Apache Family

Axzyra grows UV flatbed Apache family.

Standout features of the new GH1012EvoS include a larger bed combined with innovative staggered print head technology, giving nearly a fourfold increase in throughput compared with previous Apache printers.

The company had been asked repeatedly for an Apache to fit into the A0 sized board market for point of sale and larger industrial printing applications, which led to the development of the GH1012EvoS. It has a printable area of 1m x 1.2m with a throughput of 5.6sqm/h (720 x 1200dpi, 8pass, bi-direction).

The machine has been installed with eight Ricoh GH2220 industrial 3pl print heads, with ink curing via dual air-cooled 70mm UV LED lamps, and configured for either fast ink cure or latent gloss spot varnishing.

The Apache range has been designed with industrial precision in mind. Using a simplified ‘short track’ ink delivery system with on-carriage ink agitation, this, combined with a heated head array gives consistent quality and nozzle uptime.

The Apache UV flatbed printer range is installed with inks formulated to perform on card, plastics, PC, PET, acrylic, glass, steel, wood, stone and more. Achieve special effects from textured printing for Braille to sticky ink for foiling.

Nozzle uptime

The inks are stored in 200ml no-mess foil pouches, which keeps them in a good suspension. There’s no need for a costly complex re-circulation system as the inks are kept agitated during printing by the movement of the head carriage in conjunction with short ink lines coupled with custom designed dampers.

Most UV printers have a small heater built into the print head but Axzyra has taken a more practical approach. Where the company differs with its approach is to heat the whole head assembly, including keeping the ink pouches above the head array at a specific ambient temperature. This is especially functional as some customers run equipment in cooler buildings susceptible to temperature fluctuations, especially in winter.

• Packaging and special effects.
• Diaries and notebooks.
• Plastic cards.
• Signs.
• Pens, highlighters and rulers.
• Flash memory.

• Bespoke print.
• Packaging.
• Signs.
• Promotional.
• Industrial.


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