Axaio Announces Software Update

Axaio Announces Software Update

Axaio MadeToTag is an Adobe InDesign plug-in to properly prepare InDesign documents for export as an accessible, tagged PDF file. The new 2.8.124 version  includes some new features and a list of enhancements.

Additional menu entries and keyboard shortcuts were included, which allow users to access the MadeToTag tasks now directly. This new feature is designed to streamline the working process and make it faster to jump to one of the seven MadeToTag tasks, without the need to go through all tasks back and forth again. The selection of the individual task can be accessed via the MadeToTag flyout menu under ‘Tasks’ or via keyboard shortcuts.

The company added the new option to set up a custom template for the meta data and alt text review. This feature allows users to customise the review template according to company-internal requirements, e.g. in terms of corporate identity or according to special colour schemes etc.

In addition, the company improved the table tagging feature by addressing different issues. Previously, there was a risk of a table mix-up, where MadeToTag had chosen a different table than the one intended by the user. This issue has been fixed, ensuring that the correct table is always selected. Furthermore, the <TBody> tag will now also be removed from tables when a book is exported to make sure that the table contents are tagged correctly. The MadeToTag book export has been improved as well, in the way that a local package is always created before export, which provides higher output security.


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