The Sign Africa sponsor will showcase its latest films for the graphics arts industry at the Sign Africa RoadShow in Cape Town, from 20-21 June at the Cape Town International Convention Centre.


This is specially designed for a wide range of short-term promotional applications with good printability on multiple printer platforms.


  • Film: 95 micron white calendered film with good dimensional stability
  • Adhesive: Permanent/Removable/Grey permanent/Grey removable acrylic adhesive
  • Backing: One sided PE coated liner
  • Outdoor life: Up to 1 year (unprinted)


  • Point of sales graphics
  • Vehicle advertising
  • Outdoor advertising
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Window graphics
  • Real estate signage
  • Promotional signage
  • Stickers and labels


This film gives peace of mind through superior adhesion. The introduction of of this film extends Avery Dennison’s industry leading range of MPI 2000 premium polymeric series to include a Hi-Tack adhesive option.

MPI 2006 Hi-Tack is perfect for both indoor and outdoor architectural, fleet and general signage applications. From uneven painted and slightly textured surfaces to concrete pillars and walls, through to low surface energy substrates like plastics, this film graphic will stick to your application surface.

Compared to competitor digital Hi-Tack products in this space, the Avery Dennison MPI 2006 Hi-Tack has the added benefits of providing no adhesive bleed when converting; less shrinkage whilst on the roll and very good dimensional stability after installation.

With minimal shrinkage and negligible adhesive bleed, MPI 2006 Hi-Tack enables the production of high quality finished graphics, reduced conversion time and minimised risk of printer damage.

With outstanding outdoor durability, excellent application at low temperatures, and a high gloss for superior finish, it’s your solution for hard-to-stick surfaces.


  • General signage
  • Wall graphics
  • Rubbish bin signage and advertising
  • Port-a-loos
  • Low surface energy substrates (especially PP and HDPE)


This film boasts high performance and ease of application and combines versatility and convenience. This dual-layer film combines colour and clear protective layers, providing a smooth, paint-like finish that’s both durable and dazzling. What’s more, with 33 colour options, Avery Supreme Wrapping Film offers more choices than ever before.

This enhanced film technology ensures excellent conformability, and adheres well to deep recesses. Avery Supreme Wrapping Film is now available in rolls 1.52m wide, which allows large panels to be covered with just one piece of material, with no seams, for faster application and a higher-quality result. Incorporating Avery Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology, Avery Supreme Wrapping Film provides film reposition-ability and slide-ability,
saving valuable installation time.

Key Features:

  • Outstanding durability and performance
  • Excellent conformability around curves and recesses
  • Provides coloured film and protective layer in a one-piece laminate
  • 33 colour/finish combinations
  • Available with Avery Easy Apply™ RS adhesive technology
  • Now available in 1.52m x 25m roll size

Recommended uses:

  • Refresh your car’s appearance with a cool, new fashion look
  • Brand your company’s fleet with your company colour
  • Improve the life and resale value of your vehicle by protecting the original paintwork


Shine like never before. Add that special accent or sporty touch to your vehicle with the Conform Chrome Film. Customers will be amazed at the effect that this film can create on vehicles of all types. The mirror-like finish gives a true chrome look that is normally difficult or expensive to apply. And with the conformability of the film, you will be able to apply conform chrome to mirrors or raised features on the vehicle with ease.

Installers will love the Easy Apply RS features on the film, which allows for slide-ability of the film and a reduction in air bubbles, saving valuable installation time.

Key Benefits:

  • High gloss emphasizes a mirror-like chrome effect on the vehicle
  • Gives accent to vehicles of all types
  • Easy Apply RS feature saves time on installation
  • Extremely conformable, allowing for application on rounded vehicle features
  • Compliments Avery Dennison vehicle wrap materials for a full vehicle make-over
  • Three year durability on vertical applications

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Don’t miss the Sign Africa Expo 2012, 22 – 24 August 2012 at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg.