Avery Dennison Honours Employees For Courage In The Face Of Adversity And The Unknown

Avery Dennison Honours Employees For Courage In The Face Of Adversity And The Unknown
Moira Bausek, Lindy van Moerkerken, Mark Ellis - Country Manager, Rene Dittberner and Sarel Kruger, Graphics Division for Avery Dennison Sub-Saharan Africa.

Avery Dennison Sub-Saharan Africa – with nomination and approval from the Asia Pacific (APAC) region – saw Mark Ellis, Country Manager for Sub-Saharan Africa, presenting the Graphics Division team members with the Courage Award, an annual award for a team or individual that stood tall in the face of adversity. The evaluation criteria is based on the individual or team that set big, ambitious goals, challenged the status quo and overcame significant headwinds.

‘The Avery Dennison Value and Ethics Code is a critical part of how its employees conduct business in their everyday activities,’ said Lindy van Moerkerken, Business Manager at Avery Dennison Graphics Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia Pacific region. ‘Our culture is the foundation of everything we do at Avery Dennison, and our company values are the basis of that culture. These eight core values shape our behaviour and support our business and people as we continue to grow.

The core values include:

Integrity: we are driven by doing the right thing. Always.
Courage: we are brave in the face of adversity and the unknown.
External: we get out to get better.
Diversity: we gain strength from diverse ideas and inclusive teams.
Sustainability: we are focused on the long-term health of our business, planet and communities.
Innovation: we use imagination and intellect to create new possibilities.
Teamwork: we are better when we work together and put others ahead of ourselves.
Excellence: we expect the best from ourselves and each other.

Commenting on some of the biggest challenges the team had to overcome last year, and how the team pulled together, van Moerkerken said, ‘The global impact of raw material shortage on supply and direct impact on projects for converters and channel partners alike in the Sub-Saharan Africa business was significant. Worldwide concern around container availability and shipping timelines extended with close to 30 days in some cases. Air freight costs also more than quadrupled during this time.’

‘Further to this, the signage converter closures over the last 18 months impacting the business and converting of projects for end users is notable. The team worked consistently on a mitigation plan to turn the business around in 2021, driving new end user specifications as well as converter workload to find alternate partners and, finally, alignment with its channel partners supply to achieve the required demand.’

‘Other challenges that needed to be overcome included Covid restrictions on the completion of end user specifications with limited access to facilities, reduced advertising and the move to online trade during 2021. The team rallied behind the active pursuit and identification of alternate product lines and niche applications that would drive improved commercial success and secure and drive share gain during 2021. A robust strategic approach with online training, as well as virtual end user and distribution network, connect to turn the business towards success,’ concluded van Moerkerken.

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