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The Academy of Screen and Digital Printing Technologies (ASDPT) recently revealed the winners of its esteemed Tom Frecska Student Printing Competition. The annual competition honours excellent student work in the specialty imaging field within a variety of categories. Entrants represent secondary (high school and vocational) and post-secondary (technical school, college or university) students.

This year’s Best of Show winners:

• ‘The Orlando Plunge’ by Sarah Faust, Regina Knaus, Martin Mackensen, Moritz Porcher and Marvin Sommer. Instructor: Frank Gunkel, Kroschke Sign-International GmbH

• ‘Escalator to Where?’ by Jordan Reemsnyder. Instructor: Patrick Rose, Clemson University

Thomas Natalino, an instructor from Lake Weir High School said, ‘It was an honour to be present at the show this year. We have been a part of SGIA for five years and this is the first time my students and I have been able to attend the show and see art work from schools outside of Florida. We are stoked to continue to be part of your programme.’

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