AM.CO.ZA Offers TruCut Lite Vertical CO2 Laser Engraving Machine


AM.CO.ZA has announced the new TruCut Lite Vertical CO2 laser engraving machine with a 120 x 80mm engraving area. It is designed to take up as little space as possible.

These machines will arrive in July, but AM.CO.ZA is taking pre-orders. They offer a variety of materials to work with and are suitable for rubber stamp laser engraving, Rowmark, Perspex, Supawood and more. They offer up to 6mm engraving.

Built in is an extraction blower fan to remove smoke from the cutting/engraving process. No mirrors are required, which means there is no hassle with alignment needed, making this perfect for an entry level machine and for those who simply need it to enrich their business.

Various products and accessories are also available, such as: a glass laser tube, a submersible water pump for CNC machine cooling, and a disk containing AM.CO.ZA software and drives for CNC machinery.

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