AM.CO.ZA Introduces CNC Plasma Cutting Table For Metalworking Projects

AM.CO.ZA Introduces CNC Plasma Cutting Table For Metalworking Projects

The Plasma Cutting Table is designed to meet the rigorous demands of modern metalworking projects. It features advanced features, robust software and comprehensive support.

The control box is the central hub of the MetalWise CNC Plasma Cutting Table, where precision meets efficiency. This classic control box houses the software installation and is the primary interface for setting up cutting points, starting and stopping operations, and managing the overall workflow. Equipped with basic numerical keys, start/stop functions, and up/down controls, the control box offers unparalleled control over the cutting process. The advanced system ensures that the arm and plasma extension maintain the correct working distance from the workpiece, providing consistent and accurate cuts.

The water table is crucial for maintaining the integrity of a user’s workpiece. By keeping the workpiece cool and containing plasma debris, the water table not only ensures cleaner cuts but also keeps the workspace tidy. Adequate water levels are essential for optimal performance and cleanliness.

AM.CO.ZA Introduces CNC Plasma Cutting Table For Metalworking Projects

The Plasma Cutter Power Unit generates the plasma necessary for cutting and offers flexibility with its power options. Whether using three-phase factory power or single-phase household power, this unit can handle various amperages, making it suitable for cutting different types of materials, including stainless steel and carbon steel. This versatility ensures that the CNC Plasma Cutter can adapt to diverse metalworking needs.

Fabricam software is integral to transforming designs into reality. This software converts designs into G-code, which the CNC Plasma Cutter then uses to execute precise cuts. The software, in conjunction with the control box, allows for meticulous control over the cutting process, ensuring that each project is executed with consistency and precision.

AM.CO.ZA offers a full range of accessories and spares for the CNC Plasma Cutter. The convenience of having all necessary parts on hand minimises downtime and maximises productivity.

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