AM.CO.ZA Announces Thermo-K Liquid Thermal Ink

AM.CO.ZA announces Thermo-K Liquid Thermal Ink.
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Thermo-K Liquid Thermal Ink not only allows for engraving on metal, it can facilitate engraving on ceramic and glass.

It is also renowned for its cost saving benefits, as the water that is washed off the ink can be gathered and reused.

When using AM.CO.ZA’s TruCUT laser machine to engrave on metal, there is no effect. However, when brushing Thermo-K Liquid Thermal Ink onto the metal used and engraved with the laser, the rich oxygen content inside the ink reacts and burns the surface of the metal, and ensures readability.

This applies to aluminium and stainless steel, or almost any kind of metal with a light coloured metal surface.

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